Another Bachelor elimination ends in controversy

Another Bachelor elimination ends in controversy

Ah what do you get when girls are fighting over one guy? Tears and lots of them.

The Bachelor, Blake Garvey, farewelled Sydney-based lawyer, Anastasia, 30, during last nights  rose ceremony after the pair failed to make a romantic connection. As a New Love Interest, Anastasia found it difficult to compete for Blake’s attention against the established girls in the house.

On the group date at Luna Park, Anastasia was reserved and gave up her chance to spend more time with Blake, leaving room for Laurina to jump in and take her place.

It wasn’t only Laurina who showed her competitive nature on the date. Jess also tried to monopolise Blake’s time, a good tactic that resulted in a controversial kiss between the pair.

Incensed by Jessica’s behaviour, Laurina said: “I have told Jessica and the other girls that if he was to kiss anyone on a group date that I was on, that I would bow out. So whether she kissed him on purpose to do it that to me? I actually don’t know what to think.”

The drama continued at the cocktail party, when Laurina confronted Jessica about the kiss. A teary Jessica responded: “I understand. I got over excited and I had a good time. I wasn’t as conscious as I should have been and I’m sorry that I hurt your feelings.”

Despite threatening that she would leave due to the controversial kiss, Laurina was offered a rose from Blake and she decided to stay. He then sent Anastasia home.

Following Blake’s announcement Anastasia said: “I’ve shown him who I am and obviously I’m not the girl for him. Even though I didn’t find the connection with Blake, love is still out there.”

The Bachelor Australia. airs Wednesday and Thursdays at 7.30pm on Ten.


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