Annaleis’s Big Adventure over

Annaleis’s Big  Adventure over

Yet again  the gender divide cause another big player to say farewell to the island.

Conservationist Annaleis Martin is the fifth player to be eliminated from The Big Adventure.`In a battle of smarts, the 28-year-old from Perth has always stood out from the pack, making her a clear target.

After winning his first individual challenge and finding his first key, Mark joined forces with TC to send Annaleis home. “Ultimately she is too smart, too tough, too bigger a threat,” Mark said.

The move came as no surprise to Annaleis. “I had resigned myself to the fact it was going to be me today,” she said.

She left the remaining players with a word of warning: “Don’t compromise your own integrity in pursuit of the game. And for whoever does win the million dollars, try to use it to do a little good in the world.”

Seven golden keys and seven players still remain. One million dollars lies waiting… which lucky person will dig their way to victory?

The Big Adventure airs 8:30 PM Sunday on Seven.