Animals Aboard with Dr Harry coming to Wednesday on Seven

Animals Aboard with Dr Harry coming to Wednesday on Seven

Jump on board and explore the incredible world of animal travel in Channel 7’s brand new series, Animals Aboard with Dr Harry when it premieres next week.

Hosted by Australia’s favourite vet, Dr Harry Cooper (Better Homes and Gardens), Animals Aboard with Dr Harry goes behind the scenes of the multi-million-dollar animal travel industry to unearth a goldmine of stories hidden in cargo holds and travel crates. 

Thousands of animals are in transit around the globe every day. Just like humans, they travel for work, play, medical reasons or family reunions. And, like us, they all have stories to tell.

From rescue organisations rehoming unwanted pets to journeying remote islands with Australia’s border force drug detection dogs and witnessing the tricky transit of large, dangerous and rare exotic creatures, Animals Aboard with Dr Harry will uncover challenges and compelling stories behind every animal travel. 

Each animal’s personality is different, every itinerary brings challenges, and behind every great animal travel tale is an equally compelling human story.  

Animals Aboard with Dr Harry Premieres 7.30pm Wednesday, 5 July on Channel 7


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