Angie Meets some of her Bachelors

Angie Meets some of her Bachelors

With the season launching next week we have our first look at the suitors vying for Angie’s heart on the Bachelorette this season.

Angie’s made no secret she’s all about that personality. And the first two Bachelors have it in spades.

Rocking up in a red suit is the “fun, flirty, flamboyant and fabulously British” 25-year-old, Ciarran, from the Northern Territory. Declaring he feels like “a sexual Willy Wonka” in his fashionable getup, Ciarran’s sense of humour clearly leaves an impression on our fair-haired heroine.

The next to make his mark on Angie’s heart is 27-year-old, Timm, from Victoria. Easing himself out of the limo grasping a massive (and we mean MASSIVE) bunch of sunflowers, Angie visibly swoons and whispers: “does he know that my favourite flower is sunflower?”

Cue cute convo about how they both love sunflowers with Angie revealing, “if I see a sunflower, to me that’s a sign from my Nanny that I’m in the right place! And you’ve got me a whole bunch!”

Well, if a sign from Angie’s Nanny is anything to go by, this season of The Bachelorette Australia is bound to be one that’s full of surprises.

Also in the mix, this season is  39-year-old firefighter Jamie. From his rig to his firefighting uniform, and a gorgeous chocolate Labrador puppy in tow, he is ready to slay our fair maiden Angie’s heart.

Knowing the Bachelorette is a sucker for a four legged friend, Jamie completely nails his first impression as her eyes light up before going in for a super soft cuddle. It’s seemingly love at first pat.

Holding the sweet little pup close, our Angie declares: “You’ve already won my heart, I can’t even think of anything else. Do you want the rose?”

And just like that, Jamie made his mark on Angie’s heart. But will the heat between them set their worlds on fire, or will it be purely puppy love?

The Bachelorette Australia.Premieres Wednesday, 9 October At 7.30pm. on 10