Angie Kent Finds Her Fairytale Ending With Carli

Angie Kent Finds Her Fairytale Ending With Carli

Angie Kent finally let her walls down and embraced love amidst a rollercoaster of emotions, on The Bachelorette Australia finale.

After six weeks of high drama and battling the struggle between her head and her heart, Angie threw caution to the wind and gave her heart to 30year-old fitness trainer Carlin.

In beautiful Byron Bay, Angie was nervous about revealing her final two suitors, Carlin and Timm, to her family who had previously raised concerns about some of the men in the mansion.

Timm’s party boy antics and maturity were brought into question, and Carlin was grilled about his past marriage. Lucky for both Bachelors, by the end of the meet, they had won the Kent clan over.

Still as confused as ever, Angie took her final two on very different dates, kayaking with Carlin and hot air ballooning with Timm. Both men were determined to get their feelings across, leaving nothing left unsaid. Saying goodbye after each romantic date left Angie reeling and wondering if she would ultimately make the right choice.

When the time came for Angie’s decision, Osher visibly absent for her final moment (his wife was in labour at the time!) it was up to Angie to navigate the final steps alone.

Between Timm, who wore his heart on his sleeve and Carlin who was an open book, it was Timm who arrived to speak with Angie first.

Nervous, Angie tried to explain as best she could why he wasn’t the one. Breaking down in tears, Timm comforted our Bachelorette, reassuring her: “I love Carlin. If I could pick anyone to treat you how you deserve to be treated, it’s him. Please don’t be sad.”

Always the gentleman Timm gave Angie the ring he had chosen for her, before telling her he would miss her, and walking away.

Flashing a beaming smile as Carlin approached, Angie laid it all on the line (in a roundabout Angie way!) saying: “There’s no doubt in my mind now. I feel like you’re the perfect guy for me and I’m completely falling in love with you.”

And like every great fairytale ending, once a single lady Angie had found her Prince Charming in Carlin. And with a commitment ring placed on her finger, the pair giggled off into the sunset.