Angie Kent Faces The Families.

Angie Kent Faces The Families.

In tonight’s explosive episode of The Bachelorette Australia, Angie visited the hometowns of the final four Bachelors and faced a myriad of tough questions from their nearest and dearest.

Long-haired and chaotic Timm was first to bring Angie to his home in the Central Coast of New South Wales. Over dinner at his family’s house, Timm’s best friend Jackson grilled Angie and asked her if she saw Timm at finish line. Taking Angie aside for a one-on-one chat, Jackson did his best to warn Angie off his best mate, telling her that Timm was a massive party boy whose days of wild nights weren’t over. Assuring Angie this was misinformation, Timm put his heart on the line and reassured her he was fully committed to her.

From the Central Coast to the South Coast, Angie’s second stop was in North Wollongong to meet Ryan. After catching Ryan out on a lie at last night’s cocktail party, Angie was keen to get clarity from him on the reasoning behind his massive faux-pas. Telling Angie that he had been approached by the casting team for a previous season and not having applied himself, Ryan assured her he signed up genuinely for this season because he knew it would be her.    Later at a dinner party hosted by his family and friends, Ryan’s friends brought up the situation with Angie, reassuring her that he was a genuine and authentic guy.

Angie’s third stop was at Jackson’s hometown in Sydney. Taking her to his family’s pie-making factory and treating her to a gluten-free pie, Jackson was keen to rectify his red-carpet blunder on the first night. Later, it wasn’t all laughs and smiles as the reality of Jackson’s age and career pressures set in.  Jackson’s dad laid down the law when it came to Jackson’s involvement in the family business and how relocating for love would be off the cards.  To make matters worse, Jackson stumbled trying to talk about his emotions and feelings for Angie.

Remaining in Sydney for the fourth and final pit stop, Angie met with Carlin at his second home—the gym.  Putting together a workout obstacle for them to complete, Carlin told Angie he was bullied at school and was never part of the cool group. Later at a dinner party hosted by Carlin’s brother, sister-in-law and niece,  drama hit the fan.

In an intimate chat with Carlin’s brother, Angie mentioned the rumour circulating the mansion that Carlin was only on the show to further his acting and modelling career.  Hoping his brother would shut down the accusation, Angie was left gobsmacked when his brother agreed that Carlin joined the show to build his portfolio. Later, Angie confronted Carlin about the conversation.  In a tearful showdown, both parties tried to defend their intentions for being on the show. As Angie sulked down the driveway, Carlin was left uncertain on where he stood with her.

Despite the dispute, Carlin was the last to receive a rose from Angie at tonight’s Rose Ceremony, securing himself a position in the Top Three. And, Jackson was sent home.