Angie finds her Top 10

Angie finds her Top 10

The competition for Angie’s heart well and truly heated up, after the arrival of intruder Ryan. Little did the Bachelors know, that it was about to get even more heated as the group date saw them get a public roasting.

Given a sense of humour is numero uno on Angie’s list of requirements when choosing a partner, she put the eligible men through the ultimate test to write and perform a comedy routine in front of a live audience.

With the help of one of Australia’s leading comedians Harley Breen, the Bachelors wasted no time brainstorming what they thought would give Angie the LOLs. But it wasn’t all fun and games, while some of the boys completely dominated the stage, others fell flatter than flat.

Resident funny guy Timm, had the audience howling with laughter as he recounted a dream involving Angie, some Bachelors, a pig and a duck, but it was Englishman Ciarran’s self-depreciating wit and cheeky sexual innuendo that had Angie in stitches. As the standout, Ciarran won the coveted prize of some alone time with Angie.

As they toasted to a successful show with champers, Ciarran opened up about his family struggles but managed to keep the conversation lighthearted with some friendly banter. When Angie gave him a rose, Ciarran was quick to seize the opportunity and went in for a pash. Cue the fireworks!

Speaking of fire, the next day, the Bachelors were interrupted with blaring sirens. They assumed the obvious – that a date had been tailored to firemen Jamie or Haydn; but to everyone’s surprise (and Jamie’s disappointment), Ryan was invited onboard a fire truck for a single date.

Given a year’s-worth of social media banter had been exchanged prior to their first meeting on The Bachelorette Australia last week, both Angie and Ryan felt an immense pressure for their first date. Would it live up to their expectations?

Their fear was quickly extinguished once their date commenced. A vertical rescue simulation was the perfect excuse for the pair to get up close and personal.

Both blown away by their real-life connection, Ryan felt the confidence to tell Angie about his heart defect. They agreed that despite having their own little quirks, they were accepted in their entirety. And what better way to end their fiery date, than with a rose and a steamy kiss.

Later that night at the Cocktail Party, Ryan was first to whisk Angie away for a private chat. Having already received a rose, the remaining men were left seeing red. However, when confronted about his actions, an unapologetic Ryan stood his ground stating: “I’m not here for the boys. I’m here for Angie.”

Meanwhile, Jamie gifted Angie a mystery box, containing a pair of rainbow socks. Explaining to a visibly surprised Angie that if she ever feels down, she should rock the socks, as “after every storm, there’s a rainbow”. Aww.

At the rose ceremony, it was revealed that three boys would leave the mansion tonight, leaving just 10 Bachelor’s vying for Angie’s heart. Jamie, much to his delight, received the first rose and Adam, Scot and Tom were sent packing.