Angela returns as Big Brother gets Strati

Another Big Brother episode was full of surprises.

 Angela emerged from the Bunker, but she didn’t let on she’d been spying on the Housemates or that Garth had paid her a visit. They were given an Italian feast to celebrate Angela’s return to the house, plus letters from home.

Housemates raced to stack five wooden blocks at one end of a narrow track along which runs a lengthy piece of ribbon. They had to use the ribbon to pull the blocks back towards them without them toppling over, otherwise they’d have to start again. The first person to hit their coloured line won the power to nominate three Housemates for eviction.

Zoe won the power to nominate and set in motion Daniel’s high-risk plan to remove a major threat by using himself as bait against Kirean and Garth.

The plan worked with Garth being evicted with 12 votes. On the way out the door Garth revealed he’d been in the bunker.