Angela and Melina depart My Kitchen Rules

Angela and Melina depart My Kitchen Rules

Angela and Melina succumb to their second sudden death cook-off to exit the My Kitchen Rules competition.

In the closest MKR sudden death cook-off yet, young guns Jake and Elle’s Italian-inspired menu has sent housewives Angela and Melina back home to their families.
While Angela and Melina cooked well and presented some dishes that were a hit with the judges, they went home because their rivals excelled scoring 50/60 to record the highest score yet this season with their menu of vitello tonnato, john dory with fennel salad and chocolate molten cake with fig and coffee ice-cream.

“We really did want to stay but we always knew it was going to be mega hard against Jake and Elle,” said Angela.
They started the evening off well, presenting a Mediterranean octopus and potato salad which was well received by the judges.
“My octopus was cooked beautifully. It was a good dish,” said guest judge Karen Martini.
For their main of roast duck with wild rice and honey carrots, all judges were in unison that the duck was perfectly cooked but that the dish floundered because of their overuse of raw garlic in the rice


“The flavours they got onto that duck skin were really gorgeous,” said Liz Egan. “I think they’ve done a beautiful job with that.”

Karen added: “The rice medley has great texture. It’s just unfortunate there’s a whole lot of garlic in there as well.”
Up against a near-perfect dessert from Jake and Elle, Angela and Melina’s dessert of poached pears stuffed with fig and walnut and vanilla bean ice-cream had the potential to match it, except time got the better of them.
Not having put their pears in to poach early enough, they were unfortunately not as soft and juicy as the judges’ had hoped for.

“The ice-cream was great but the pear, you should be able to just cut it with a spoon and I basically need a knife and fork,” said Colin Fassnidge.

Beating their first sudden death cook-off score by three points (they beat Tasmania’s Ali and Samuel last week), the ladies were proud of their accomplishments in the kitchen but 37/60 wasn’t enough to keep them safe this time around.

“This experience has been really challenging,” said Melina. “God it’s been rewarding. We’ve definitely done our families proud.”
My Kitchen Rules returns Monday, April 1 at 7:30pm on Seven.

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