An Immunity Idol Stays Idle As A Frontrunner Departs

An Immunity Idol Stays Idle As A Frontrunner Departs

As we approach the end game favourites will start to fall.

Earlier at the Reward Challenge, Dani scored herself an Isuzu D-Max. She took her new wheels for a spin on a picnic with Flick, Emmett and Andrew to celebrate where they spoke about the George and Cara alliance and agreed that George needed to go.

The all-important Immunity Challenge saw Castaways suspended on narrow footholds. If they fell, they were out. The final three standing were Emmett, Flick and Hayley, who raised the stakes and took their hands off a supporting rope. Emmett dropped, followed by Flick, giving Hayley Individual Immunity.

It was an afternoon of scrambling strategy as Cara and George discussed removing their threat, Emmett. Soon enough, Hayley and Wai were also on board.

To cover their tracks, George and Cara scrambled to look for an Idol, with Cara coming up trumps. George worried about his future in the game. Cara could either play her Idol for him, or Hayley and Wai could vote out Emmett. Also worried about his future, Emmett pulled Hayley aside to pitch his top five. Numbering Hayley as fifth in line, didn’t sit well with her

At Tribal Council, Emmett and Andrew were confident in their alliance, while George spoke of standing up for his alliance, only to be shafted time and time again whenever he’s tried to support them.

Deciding against using her Immunity Idol, the votes ended with one to Cara, three to George and four to Emmett. It was farewell to Emmett who was now the fourth member of the Jury.


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