Ambulance: Code Red heads to Wednesdays

Ambulance: Code Red heads to Wednesdays

Seven will screen UK observational series Ambulance: Code Red on Wednesday nights.

Join Britain’s elite first-responders on their most extreme calls in Ambulance: Code Red – an adrenaline-pumping ride on the edge of life.

Following specialist teams across the UK, this groundbreaking new series features cutting-edge trauma techniques, including roadside surgery, to show exactly what it takes to save patients on the brink of death.

From car crashes to stabbings, crushing injuries to cardiac arrests, these trauma teams are committed to saving lives no matter how dire the circumstances.

Body cams, GoPros and mobile film units capture every critical second of these heart-stopping incidents.

With exclusive access to the highest-priority cases, this is raw, uncensored, life or death action as you’ve never seen it before.

Ambulance: Code Red Premieres 7.30pm Wednesday, 10 February on Channel 7