Ambulance Australia returns to Tuesdays on 10

Ten’s breakout hit of 2018 Ambulance Australia returns for a second season later this month.

This gritty and ground-breaking fly-on-the-wall documentary series follows every step of a potentially life-threatening triple 0 call. And shines a light on the dedicated and courageous people who have devoted their lives to helping others.

Who answers each of the potential 3000 calls NSW Ambulance receives each day?  Who determines which call is most urgent? And who is in charge of getting the paramedics to their patients in the quickest time possible?

Each episode of Ambulance Australia takes a courageous and honest look at the often dangerous and emotionally-demanding situations our call takers, dispatchers and front-line paramedics face on a daily basis.

Go beyond the blue flashing lights to witness a warm and inspiring look at the extraordinary lengths that keep our ambulance service men and women in their job of saving lives.

 Ambulance Australia returns on Tuesday, 26 February at 7.30pm on 10.