Amazing Races farewells a fan favourite team

Amazing Races farewells a fan favourite team

Luck ran out for Mother-Daughter duo Rowah and Amani tonight, as they became the third team sent packing on The Amazing Race Australia.

Starting the fourth leg of the Race in the rural Vietnamese province of Ninh Binh, the 9 remaining teams travelled to the Hoa Lu Citadel, where they rummaged and organised a bird’s nest of incense into four orderly two kilogram bundles, before delivering them to a nearby temple.

As Rowah and Amani were saved by the grace of a non-elimination leg, they were hit with the disadvantage of a Speedbump, and needed to collect five bundles.

Sisters Hayley and Mikayla were the first to navigate through the maze-like Citadel and start their bundles, while a confused cabbie saw Mighty Siblings Viv and Joey arrive last.

Newlyweds Tim and Rod were the first to trade their bundles for a clue and earn themselves a shot at the first Fast Forward of the Race. Teams that successfully complete a Fast Forward skip directly to the Pit Stop, which could see a team go from last to first place, quicker than you can tear an envelope.

In this high-risk, high-reward challenge, the team must attach 320 shrimp baskets to a bike and pedal to the local fisherman before receiving their first clue. Tim and Rod tried their hand at the Fast Forward, but within minutes decided this wasn’t their strong suite, count their loses and switch to a Detour.

For this leg’s Detour, teams chose between Short Strokes, painting an exact duplicate of a traditional Vietnamese mask; or Long Strides, completing an obstacle course on stilts, to receive their next clue.

Tim and Rod arrived to find many of the other teams struggling on stilts. Realising this was no catwalk, the Newlyweds decided to switch again and try their luck at mask painting.

Drawing on their physical strength, Footy Mates Tom and Tyler made easy work of the stilts, leaving the other teams in their dust. Sisters Hayley and Mikayla were soon to follow, causing the Deadly Duo Jasmine and Jerome to reconsider the stilt challenge, and switch to painting.

Upon arriving at the mask painting, Jasmine and Jerome noticed Tim and Rod had not gone ahead with the Fast Forward and saw this as their chance to make up for lost time. The Deadly Duo quickly got their Tetris on, stacking the 320 shrimp baskets to a bike.

Drawing on the attention to detail that goes into every selfie, The Influencers Sid and Ash breezed through the mask painting and were hot on Tom and Tyler’s heels.

Rowah and Amani, and Nurses Femi and Nick were the last teams at the mask painting, with the Nurses having their mask rejected three times before getting their clue.

Once teams completed their Detour, they travelled to the largest Buddhist complex in South East Asia, Bai Dinh Temple grounds, where they searched over 500 Buddhist statues, to find the one monk with both feet resting on an animal.

Tom and Tyler were the first to arrive at the complex and use their lead to take in and appreciate the sights. Followed closely by The Influencers and the Sisters, Tom and Tyler quickly found their leading man, and rang the Temple bell to receive their next clue.

In the first alliance of the season, the Newlyweds leveraged off The Influencers, who gave them the exact location of the answer they needed. A lapse in communication saw Farmer and Firie Chris and Adrienne have the type of meltdown only 30 years of wedded bliss could bring. Their squabbling cost them time and saw them fall to the back of the pack alongside Rowah and Amani, Femi and Nick.

Footy Mates Tom and Tyler were the first to arrive at the Pit Stop, taking them to four straight victories. After successfully completing a Fast Forward, Jasmine and Jerome were catapulted to fouth place, making up for time lost during the Detour.

At the days end, Femi and Nick came in eighth, narrowly avoiding last place for the third time. Mother-Daughter team, Rowah and Amani were last to meet host Beau Ryan at the Pit Stop.

Although leaving empty-handed, their relationship is richer. Proud-as-punch mum Rowah said: “Amani is anything and everything I could have asked for in a daughter.”