Alliances shattered as the Big Brother house is torn apart

Alliances shattered as the Big Brother house is torn apart

Tonight on Big Brother, the housemates lost their fourth Panic Room task in a row and faced their worst punishment to date: a snap eviction.

Estelle led the charge to send her arch nemesis Drew packing, but little did she know, the hackers had other plans: hiding him in Big Brother’s mainframe. 

In the second chance challenge, Jaycee held his nerve to win safety from eviction, leaving Aleisha and Gabbie in the firing line.

In a shocking turn of events, mastermind Tim did a deal with enemies Aleisha and Johnson to break away from the OG alliance and vote Gabbie out.  

Later, during a dramatic eviction ceremony, Tim and Estelle fired up at each other. When the vote was tied, Estelle used her Head of House power to evict Aleisha.

The hackers struck again and Aleisha was sent to the Mainframe to join Drew, unbeknownst to the remaining housemates.  


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