Alliances, Angry Devils And An Agonising U-Turn

Alliances, Angry Devils And An Agonising U-Turn

It’s been a gruelling 18 legs of The Amazing Race Australia thus far, but it was this goodbye in Tasmania that really kicked us.

It was third time un-lucky for The Geek and The Princess who were once again on the receiving end of a Sabotage. This time, they had a helium balloon tied to them and had to keep it from popping. The Cowboys scored the Salvage which meant they only needed to complete half the challenges during the leg.

Kicking off in Hobart, teams travelled to the town of Ross, whose many historic buildings were built by convicts. Here, they carried 10 heavy, back-breaking blocks of sandstone through the town, while shackled and dressed as convicts.  

Their next challenge was a Roadblock. But first, they had to get past a road block which saw the leading team, The Footy Mates, stuck in major traffic. The Super Sikhs and The Siblings managed to overtake The Footy Mates, after deciding to take an early exit in an effort to skip the traffic jam. The actual Roadblock, saw one team member have to use a piece of meat to entice a hangry bunch of Tasmanian Devils around a course.

Next up, teams choose between two Detours: Big Cheese or Small Cows. Teams that chose Big Cheese had to guess how much 7.4 kg of cheese was, before running it up a huge hill to be weighed. 

The Super Sikhs guessed correctly first, and in doing so, won the power to issue a U-Turn to one team, who would need to complete both Detours. 

When Jake and Skye-Blue went up the hill to correctly weigh their cheese, The Super Sikhs went down the hill and handed The Siblings their perfectly portioned cheese. #AllianceGoals.

Teams that chose Small Cows, had to find four marked calves among the hundreds of calves. Only then could they moove on to the Pitstop, unless of course they were The Footy Mates who needed to complete both Detours after

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finding out that The Super Sikhs chose them to U-Turn. Understandably, this really cheesed them off.

At the Pit Stop, The Super Sikhs were the first team to check-in, followed by The Cowboys, whose Salvage was an absolute game changer.

The Race was on between the two bottom teams: The Footy Mates and The Geek and The Princess. Thanks to a bum-steer from a local, The Footy Mates followed incorrect directions which allowed Chris and Aleisha to beat them to the mat, sadly leaving MJ and Chelsea holding the wooden spoon.

With the top five teams now revealed, how will they fare when the Race continues in the Hunter Valley tomorrow night?