All Stars Banished To Exile Beach

With a trip to Exile on the cards, the remaining castaways were desperate to win the immunity challenge.

At the immunity challenge each castaway held a long pole to steady a wobbly board and then stacked three balls one at a time into grooves. The first person to have kept all three on the board at the same time and get back to the stars, won the necklace. After a lot of starts and restarts, it was Sharn who walked away the victor and safe from Exile Beach.

Knowing she was in a position of power, Sharn thought about her long-term game and she didn’t want David to be apart of that. So, she set her sights on a blindside, not realising that letting Tarzan in on her big plan, could later backfire on her.

At tribal council, Zach admitted that he thought volunteering to head to Exile Beach was a ‘boss move’ and he was happy to go. The rest of the tribe however were uncomfortable being sent.

Jonathan explained once on exile, the six castaways would compete in two different challenges to win their place back in the game, while the others could be voted against by the remaining castaways on the island.

With the votes counted, Jacqui and Shonee were sent to exile, but David and Zach both had one vote each which sent tribal council into a revote.

In the end it was Jacqui, Shonee and Zach that were reunited with AK, Brooke and Moana at Exile Beach.