All Over For Jana At The Ninth Hurdle.

All Over For Jana At The Ninth Hurdle.

In their race to win $100,000 for their chosen charities, our top five celebrity teams trekked through Cambodia’s second-largest city, Siem Reap, in the tightest contest yet.

From Speed Bump spin outs, family feuds and bicycle blunders, no celebrity was safe on the ninth leg of The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition.

Running off to join the circus, our teams had to choose between a comedy routine or an intense balancing act. Thanks to a previous injury resulting in limited feeling in the sole of her left foot, it soon became clear that it would be near impossible for Angie to complete the balancing act which saw the mum and daughter duo change Detours. But the acrobatic comedy routine was no better for Angie who was also sporting a back issue, so back to the balancing Detour they went. Incredibly, after several attempts, Angie ended up being toe-tally awesome and successfully completed the challenge.

Next up, racers had to deliver 40 brooms by bicycles to a furniture shop. This was also where Harry and Teddy, who came last in the previous non-elimination leg, would find themselves having to complete their Speed Bump, which meant they would need to collect a further 40 brooms and deliver them by hand. When Teddy heard this, he put on his cranky pants and was ready to sweep the floor of the Race officials. But after a bit (understatement) of a vent, he swapped over to his big boy pants and picked up some big boy brooms and got it done.

Angie wheelie couldn’t catch a break today and took a tumble while riding her bike, meanwhile Jana and Cor failed their first attempt thanks to the brooms not being tied down properly.

At the final challenge, teams had to craft silk from lotus flowers which left our celebrities covered in mud, sweat and tears.

It was an incredibly tedious task drawing out the silk from the flowers, and if there is one thing that is guaranteed in a tedious task, it’s bickering between Jana and Cor.

Emma and Hayley were first to arrive at the Pitstop, for the second leg in a row, followed closely by Harry and Teddy who managed to make up plenty of time at the silk challenge. Jana and Cor were sadly the last team to hit the mat and were eliminated from the Race.


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