Ali Reveals The Truth To The Gaggle Of Gossips.

Well, that was entertaining as The Bachelorette gave us answers to those rumors.

Proving to be a woman in charge, Ali swiftly escorted Nathan out of The Bachelorette mansion with no proceeding rose ceremony after confronting him on spreading salacious stories about her past.

Ali became privy to Nathan’s questionable behavior and great sense of rumour, thanks to Charlie speaking with her at the cocktail party, calling him disingenuous and recounting the negative rumours he heard Nathan tell earlier that day.

That conversation led to a heated argument between Charlie and Nathan with Nathan telling Charlie he really feels sorry for Ali if she ever ends up with him and “a spiteful and jealous person.”

Ali also divulged information about her infamous break-up with Grant from Bachelor In Paradise saying, “I have had people delivering lines to me… saying ‘Yeah. I want to get married. Yeah, I want to have kids too’ and then when I go visit them in LA and they’re a party animal and they don’t actually want to settle down and have kids and have a marriage.”

Days prior to the cocktail party drama Ali turned up at the mansion unannounced to take Taite on a date. However, having the ability to swoop in, Bill decided it was his time to strike. Taite was left speechless at having his date stolen and the other boys agreed it was poor form from the 31-year-old.

Although Ali prepared the adventurous date specifically with Taite in mind, she also looked forward to having some fun with Bill wake skating.

While Ali knew what she was doing, Bill struggled with the activity. Nonetheless his positive and determined attitude impressed her and he finally got the hang of things towards the end.

As the evening progressed, they talked about kids and Ali loved that Bill had already thought about having and raising his own children. Ali admitted she was buzzing with butterflies with the night ending with both a rose and a kiss.

The group date saw the bachelors compete in a compatibility game of ‘Guess Who?’ Some answers drew criticism from the other boys who felt they were purely saying things they thought Ali would like to hear. In the end, it was Nathan who was the last man standing.

The next game saw the boys bidding for what they thought was Ali’s most important relationship quality. Danny was quick to put most of his money towards ‘respect’ ultimately leading him to win the extra one on one time with Ali.

Using a myriad of sayings and clichés to articulate his thoughts, Ali was a little confused at first and, when he abruptly kissed her, she was awkwardly lost for words.

At the cocktail party following the rumour fallout, Ali took Nathan aside and said that while she has tried to get to know him, she couldn’t get past what she had heard from the other guys. After being so hurt in the past she wasn’t prepared to let it happen again and asked him to leave.