Ali Commences Her Love Story.

One of Australia’s most hopeless romantics  Ali Oetjen finally embarked on the journey to find her forever person on the premiere episode of The Bachelorette Australia.  

Ahead of the red carpet arrivals, Ali was in disbelief that the experience was about to begin, declaring to host Osher Günsberg that she is “a strong woman who deserves love”.

First out of the limo was Charlie who brought a handmade journal with a personalised note inside. The construction foreman was open with his desire for the “white picket fence,” which was music to Ali’s ears.

Next was Italian plumber Robert who gifted his Nonno’s homemade sauce. Ali found him mesmerising and their connection palpable.

Ivan, a painter, was quick to whip out his dance moves presenting Ali with a dance lesson voucher followed by 23-year-old Nathan who was sure that Ali was his type but his party boy ways had the bachelorette concerned.

Mechanical plumber Bill’s nerves got the better of him, but his demeanor just endeared himself to Ali even more.

Jules arrived on a Segway, followed by Daniel, Wes, Brendan, Danny and Cheyne who braved the cold in a kilt. Ben arrived with a bag full of tricks, which included a kangaroo scrotum pouch, followed by dapper Taite and Damien who literally swept her off her feet.

Soccer loving Paddy was next, who was a little too eager to chat. The fitness manager seemed more keen to stir the pot with some laddish behavior inside the mansion making some of the boys feel uncomfortable.

Country boy Dan brought baby lamb Bing for Ali to feed which quickly led the conversation to babies. She felt he was a lovely guy and was encouraged by his country roots.

A knight in shining armour, Todd, squeaked his way towards Ali and didn’t fail to impress when he took off his helmet. After one too many heartbreaks, Todd said he was here to find love.

At the cocktail party Paddy’s chauvinistic behavior continued to be frowned upon however, the arrival of Osher brought smiles to the bachelors’ faces. He announced that a wild rose was up for grabs which allows a bachelor to swap himself into another date that Ali has already invited another man to attend.

Ali entered the cocktail party to loud applause officially kicking off proceedings.

First to take Ali away was Robert before Taite swooped in followed by Charlie asking for some alone time. Soon, it was a free for all.


With tension simmering between the pair all night, Paddy and Nathan came to loggerheads after Pete reported back to Paddy that Nathan was speaking badly of him behind his back. Paddy decided to confront Nathan on this news face-to-face.

Paddy’s over the top behavior was frustrating a few of the boys in the house, which urged Resort Director Damien to pull him aside to discuss being more respectful towards Ali. Despite his good intentions, Damien’s advice fell on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, the woman of the hour was oblivious, being entertained by Jules who decided to reveal to Ali a rather precariously placed tattoo.

After initially missing his chance to chat with Ali, Bill plucked up the courage to speak to her again and this time had much better results.

In order to lighten the mood of a night filled with drama, Ivan decided a bit of dancing was called for. With Robert and Bill also on board, the trio performed a choreographed routine for Ali and the other bachelors. While it was met with mixed reviews, the new dance troupe seemed happy with their efforts.

With speculation growing about who would receive the wild rose, it was Bill’s openness that saw him get not only get the coveted rose but the first kiss. Ali’s decision raised a few eyebrows and disappointed faces across the party.

Concluding the memorable evening was the rose ceremony. After it was announced that two men were not going to receive a rose, Paddy and Nathan wondered if they would be getting one after the night’s events, however in the end Ali said goodbye to Ben and Brendan.