Ali chooses her Top Two

Three became two on tonight’s penultimate Bachelorette episode for 2018. 

Ali and Todd took a picturesque ride in a horse and carriage to face one another in a fencing competition. Making bets with pretty low stakes as, regardless of who won, both prizes were just another excuse to make out with each other.

Afterwards during their romantic chat, perfect Todd became even more perfect as he dropped the L-bomb! Ali was ecstatic about having complete clarity on where he stood so, naturally they continued their make out session.

Ali did reference the major hurdle they face as a couple – whether the 26year-old shares the same timeline as her in regards to kids and marriage. But with no resolution made, both were left with a lot to think about.

Taite’s date was also of a physical nature as he and Ali attempted an outdoor obstacle course. It quickly became apparent that the pair were a lot more interested in playing tonsil hockey than navigating obstacles.

When conversation turned to the extent of their feelings, old friend Timid Taite made an appearance. Taite struggled to articulate his feelings and, in a plea that echoed Charlie’s final words last week, declared that he won’t be able to let his emotional walls down until he is the last man standing.  Despite this, Ali still felt confident in their chemistry and connection.

Lets cut to the chase with Bill who thought it would be a good idea to invite his ex to dinner last week. Ali’s not buying what hes saying

Left somewhat dumbfounded at the rose ceremony, Ali said that it was “absolutely clear” who she had to send home. Ali knew her feelings for Todd and Taite were much stronger than her feelings for Bill.

But quick to defend his decision of taking Ali to his ex’s house, Bill said: “If that’s a deal breaker for her then we’re really not meant to be together”.

With Bill out of the picture, Ali is now faced with a very difficult decision after she experienced near perfect dates with both Todd and Taite.