Alex Rider Review

Alex Rider Review
Alex Rider - Season 1 - Episode 102

This week, Amazon unveils Alex Rider, but is the long-awaited adaptation of the much-loved book series worth the wait?

When we begin Alex Rider, a businessman plummets down a lift shaft to his death, and although it’s unclear as to why, it’s certainly a great hook.

We are then introduced to Alex Rider (Otto Farrant) and best friend Tom (Brenock O’Connor), seemingly normal teens who do all the typical teenage stuff. Alex’s life is essentially pretty boring, living with uncle Ian Rider (Andrew Buchan) a banker, and housekeeper Jack Starlight (Ronke Adekoluejo).

Upon the death of his uncle in an apparent speeding accident, Alex goes in search for answers, uncovering the truth that Ian was actually a spy working for a secret government offshoot of MI6 called The Department. Run by Alan Blunt (Stephen Dillane) and his second-in-command Mrs Jones (Vicky McClure, Line of Duty), The Department want to recruit Alex in order to infiltrate a mysterious school in the French Alps known as Point Blanc for a case that may be linked to Ian’s murder.

The series, penned by Guy Burt, takes the essence of the second Alex Rider novel, Point Blanc by Anthony Horowitz, and gives it a fresh update for 2020. While there are no gadgets in sights, it’s a small sacrifice when the characters are well-defined and fleshed out in the three episodes offered for this review

The casting of Otto is a perfect choice for the iconic role of our junior James Bond, but really overall, there isn’t a bad casting choice to be seen.

Whether you picked up Alex Rider as a kid and now well into adulthood, or haven’t read a single word of Horowitz’s work, Alex Rider has something for everyone looking for a new spy series to get hooked on.

4 Stars.

Alex Rider premieres on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 31 July.