Alex Exits Survivor in tearful tribal

Alex Exits Survivor in tearful tribal

There was devastation from morning to night, as Sophie woke to her new tribe, after the savage blindside that saw her close ally, Sam, turn on her. 

Sophie and Sam went head-to-head in a fierce scramble in today’s Reward Challenge to air out their grievances, but it was Sam that came out the winner, adding to Sophie’s fury. It wasn’t all bad news for Sophie though, with Blue winning the cheese platter reward, and Red having to witness the decadence.

There were tears all round as loved ones were reunited, though straight-shooter Sophie was straight down to business, preferencing one on one heated discussions with her old tribemates, over cheese and crackers.

Over at the Immunity Challenge, Alex’s back was still giving him grief, but he was a good sport and fought it out until the bitter end. But sadly, Alex’s valiant efforts weren’t enough, sending Blue to Tribal Council.

There was lots of talk back at camp about removing volatile Sophie, and while KJ knew she was a ticking time bomb and had the potential to sabotage her own game, she still campaigned to save her sister.

Alex took matters into his own hands at Tribal Council, urging his tribemates to send him home. It became clear that the Blue majority refused to write his name down, so Alex was left with no choice but to end his Australian Survivor: Blood V Water journey.


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