Aleisha’s deadly trap proves fatal for Drew

Aleisha’s deadly trap proves fatal for Drew

Last night on Big Brother, the housemates celebrated their first ever Panic Room win after a brave effort from Estelle and Brenton.

The pair successfully completed the terrifying task of counting snakes, both real and fake, to win a picnic lunch for the house. The pretty picnic rapidly descended into chaos when Big Brother pulled the rug and revealed Estelle’s desperate attempt to nominate Johnson the previous night.

Still frustrated with Taras’ betrayal, Drew focussed on winning the second chance challenge to save himself from eviction. But when the three nominated housemates raced to build a giant house of cards, intruder Brenton secured the win and crushed Drew’s dreams. 

With eviction looming, the OGs wanted Taras gone, but Aleisha plotted a shocking blind side and rallied her troops to set a deadly trap for Drew.  

When the vote was tied between Drew and Taras during the eviction ceremony, Head of House Jaycee broke the deadlock to seal Drew’s fate and sent him packing.  


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