AJay Rochester leaves I’m a Celebrity

I’m a Celebrity served up a huge episode as we farewelled our first camper last night.

From a controversial decision to designate A grade  student Justin as deputy leader, to organising a fun game of Slap, Lap, Tap – it seems newcomer Shane is delivering his show content weight in gold.

Ex-AFL heavyweights Shane and Dermott have hit it off and are reliving their youth by acting like two naughty boys in a Hawthorn Footy Club locker room. What started out as a playful game of hide each other’s clothes, ended with a nudie run by Dermott at the waterfall.

Meal Of Fortune saw Trial master Justin, besties Shane and Dermott, and a very nervous Sam play Russian Roulette with a round table full of revolting dishes.

Justin and Dermott dominated through repulsive cuisines including chicken intestine broth, fermented offal, sheep’s eye, lamb kidney and bull’s testicles, while Shane and Sam spluttered, gagged and vomited their way along.

The awesome foursome walked away with the full 13 stars for camp. Yeah the boys!

Later in the show, Dr. Chris Brown and Julia Morris announced that controversial television host Ajay Rochester was the first celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

Unapologetically honest and open, Ajay did not hold back with sharing stories throughout her time in the jungle.

Within hours of arriving into camp, Ajay told her jungle family that she hadn’t had a shag in nine years. From the welfare fraud case that plagued her in the press to her very public spat with Michelle Bridges, no topic was off limits.

Ajay and Yvie Jones bonded over the pain that comes with being overweight and talked about fat shaming in the media. The women discussed using their weight as a defence mechanism and were proud that two larger women were being represented on the show.

In perhaps her most candid camp conversation, Ajay spoke of the incredible journey to find her birth mother, who turned out to be her co-worker in a Sydney restaurant.

Ajay competed in two Trials, the most memorable being Flying Blind, where she had to keep her heart rate down on a tumultuous helicopter ride around Africa.

Ajay may be on her way back to Tinseltown, but an intruder is looming in the wings next week.

A bold Hollywood A-Lister has ignored their initial instincts and is headed into the jungle on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!.