After The Verdict heads to Wednesdays on Nine

After The Verdict heads to Wednesdays on Nine

Four jurors from a murder trial begin to wonder if they made a terrible mistake. Have they let a killer walk free?

To catch a killer, four everyday people go beyond the call of jury duty in the 9Network’s new drama series After The Verdict, starring Magda Szubanski (Kath & Kim, Babe, Happy Feet)Michelle Lim Davidson (The Newsreader)Lincoln Younes (Doctor Doctor, Grand Hotel, Tangle)Tess Haubrich (Wolf Creek, Bad Mothers) and Sullivan Stapleton (Animal Kingdom, Strike Back, Blindspot)

After The Verdict tells the story of four very different Australians who have just finished jury duty on a high-profile murder trial. They think their jury experience has come to an end.
They’re wrong. 

Back in the real world, they have second thoughts: have they let a killer go free? And if not, who really did kill the victim? They decide to take the law into their own hands and investigate the murder themselves, and so begins a high-stakes game of cat and mouse uncovering a web of secrets, betrayal, blackmail and murder.

One of the jurors, Clara (Michelle Lim Davidson), a working mum, juggling a messy divorce in an unsatisfying job, becomes determined to uncover the truth about the murder, taking three other jurors along for the ride. Clara ropes in Margie (Magda Szubanski), the easygoing butcher with a big heart and a wicked sense of humour, whose growing obsession with the case could end up costing her what she values the most. 

The other two rogue jurors are Ollie (Lincoln Younes), a handsome and cocky real estate agent who tried to get out of jury duty, and Daniel (Sullivan Stapleton), a man of mystery whose past mistakes are starting to catch up with him, placing the lives of everyone around him in peril.

When ordinary people take the law into their own hands, things spiral out of control fast, as these four vigilantes discover.

The stellar cast also stars Virginia Gay (Winners & Losers, All Saints)Richard Brancatisano (Underbelly: Razor, Reef Doctors)Emma Diaz (Diary of an Uber Driver) and Nicholas Brown (Wakefield, Amazing Grace).

Produced by Subtext Pictures for the 9Network, After The Verdict’s creative team includes creators, writers and executive producers Ellie Beaumont and Drew Proffitt (House Husbands, Dead Lucky), writer Romina Accurso (The Heights, Spreadsheet), directors Peter  Salmon (Halifax: Retribution, Rake), ​Ben C. Lucas (Darby and Joan, The Wilds) and Fadia Abboud (Les Norton, Five Bedrooms), producer Jo Rooney (Jack Irish), and executive producers Greg Sitch (Fisk, The Letdown) and 9Network Head of Drama, Andy Ryan.

After The Verdict is produced with major production investment from Screen Australia and financed with the assistance of Screen NSW. eOne is the international distributor. 



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