AFL legend takes the Holey Moley crown

The wild man of AFL, Barry Hall, tonight added another glittering prize to his trophy case, when he pushed aside NRL icon Mat Rogers and Olympic speed skating gold medallist Steven Bradbury to take first place in Celebrity Holey Moley

“This is a big achievement,” said the retired professional AFL player, who celebrated his win with a backward somersault into the Polcano pool. “I’m very proud.”

Big, bad Barry’s victory in the extreme mini golf showdown followed a dramatic incident on Frankenputt earlier in the night when entertainment icon, Denise Drysdale, tripped on the course during her head-to-head battle with Bradbury. Sustaining a shoulder injury, Ding Dong was treated by medics and was forced to leave the competition immediately, graciously handing the win to Bradbury by default.

“Can you believe it? Arm in a sling!” said Drysdale, as she was wheeled from the course. “Steven, I’m out!” Celebrity Holey Moley commentator Matt Shirvington quickly chimed in with: “Bradbury has pulled another Bradbury!”