Accidental Heroes goes to Thursday on Nine

Accidental Heroes goes to Thursday on Nine
Let’s face it Australia…we need a laugh. And who better to give us all a smile than ordinary people stuffing up on camera!

Hosted by Sophie Monk and comedy sensation Nick Cody, Accidental Heroes celebrates the funniest moments ever caught on camera when ordinary people accidentally end up as internet viral sensations.

In this series each episode is packed with laughs and outrageous clips from around Australia and the world.

With each episode revolving around a theme – Kids, Epic Stuff-Ups, Home Sweet Home, Into the Wild, Looking for Love, Holiday Fails, Families, Homemade Superstars, Amazing Pets, Villains and Heroes – the series is laugh-out-loud family fun.

Sophie and Nick have a ball entertaining the studio audience with their unpredictable and spontaneous style.

Sophie Monk says: “This show is the content we all search for on social media everyday for hours, combined into one hilarious show. It was so entertaining to watch the viral videos, I forgot I was hosting. Legit! So if you can ignore my lame jokes, I promise it’ll entertain your whole family. It’s the fun we all need right now.”

Join Sophie and Nick in search of the “out there”, the unbelievable and the downright hilarious when they explore every corner of the internet to find Accidental Heroes!

Accidental Heroes is created and produced in Australia by the Nine Network.