Aaron and Karly Win Beauty And The Geek 2022

Aaron and Karly Win Beauty And The Geek 2022

Australia’s most adorable Geek, train driver Aaron, and his beautiful, big-hearted Beauty, Karly, were tonight announced as the winners of Beauty and the Geek, taking home $100,000 between them. 

Aaron said: “I couldn’t have done it without the support of the other beauties and geeks who now have become lifelong friends and most certainly couldn’t have done it without Karly. Not many words can probably ever describe the feeling that I am experiencing.

Karly has been such an amazing partner throughout this experience. The amount of help and advice that she’s given me is something I’ll never forget and she has helped me so much with my confidence and to believe in myself.

When we first came in, I didn’t know a single person and now thanks to this experience and all the memories that we all created together I’ve got 19 new lifelong friends. Each one has helped me out in their own particular way and I will always be extremely grateful forever.”

Karly said: “My heart is so full, I didn’t even realise it hadn’t felt like this before. I’m so shocked, thrilled and excited to have won and so grateful to have been paired with Aaron through this all. 

I saw Aaron immediately and as soon as I heard his story, I knew we’d be great together. To see him come out of his shell like this and how much his confidence has grown is just unreal. I’m so proud of him.

The friendships I’ve made on this will be lifelong and I am beyond grateful to all of them for their love.”

Aaron and Karly’s connection was instant, with Karly declaring Aaron “her geek” during host Sophie Monk’s interrogation in episode one. They were paired at the start and never left each other’s side throughout the journey, always cheering each other on, opening up to one another and building their inner confidence.

Together they overcame fears, broke through emotional barriers and developed a deep bond, while also making themselves stronger as individuals. 

The final decision was made tonight by their peers and friends who have watched them grow together and bring out the best in each other. They unanimously decided that Karly and Aaron were the most deserving winners of Beauty and the Geek 2022

Sophie Monk said: “What an incredible, heartwarming and entertaining journey this has been. I’m so ridiculously excited for Aaron and Karly, who are the most gorgeous and caring pair and such deserving winners. 

“They had a very special connection right from the beginning and it’s been wonderful watching them grow from this experience and have each other’s backs.  

“Seeing two different worlds come together and bring out the best in each other is so gorgeous. All of the beauties and geeks have been incredible to watch and I feel like they’re all winners.”


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