A Tussle In Tassie For A Spot In The Top 5

A Tussle In Tassie For A Spot In The Top 5

Melissa welcomed the top six to the Freycinet Marine Farm on the shore of Great Oyster Bay at Freycinet Peninsula, and she revealed that the elimination challenge was all about oysters. In the first round, the cooking contestants – Alvin, Billie, Sarah, Daniel and Keyma, had 30 minutes to bring the judges six deliciously dressed oysters, with the top two dishes safe from round two.

The judges liked Billie’s chicken fat and apple celery granita oyster, and Jock said Daniel’s grilled smoky oysters with smoky soy sauce and coconut vinaigrette was a killer dish. Sarah’s spiced Kilpatrick oyster was an interesting take, but Alvin’s brown butter, gin and lemongrass vinaigrette oyster didn’t quite land. Keyma’s simple ceviche dressing was well balanced but Jock struggled with the passionfruit element.

After the first round, Sarah and Daniel were deemed safe, while Billie, Alvin and Keyma found themselves in round two, where they had to celebrate oysters in a 75 minute cook.

After an emotional second round, it was time for the judges to taste. They were incredibly impressed with Billie’s take on traditional oysters Kilpatrick flavours, particularly her custard which was smooth and perfectly executed.

Keyma drew inspiration from a traditional Venezuelan dish, Pisca Andina – a potato and leek soup, and the judges said her dish was a masterpiece. Jock awarded Keyma with a coveted round of applause.

Alvin’s fears were realised when the judges said the cook on his omelette and its texture weren’t enough to keep him safe, despite his tasty chilli vinaigrette. Alvin was announced as the eighteenth contestant eliminated from MasterChef Australia: Fans & Favourites, and as he departed, he said he was thrilled to have had the opportunity to return to the MasterChef kitchen.


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