A Rumour Rocks The Mansion

Tonight’s episode The Bachelor Australia had it all: kisses were left hanging; mums checked in; rumours were rife;.

Jimmy caught up with Brooke over Zoom as she shared the sad news that her grandfather had passed away, and she had temporarily left the mansion to be with family.

Carlie couldn’t hide her excitement at her single date, as she ziplined down the side of a building before heading to a 1920’s themed private party for two, complete with champagne fountain and hula hooping.

The group date saw the bachelorettes head back to school. With alone time up with Jimmy up for grabs for the best debater and competitor, the gloves were off! In the end, team captains Laura and Sierah scored the extra time.

Later at the school formal, Jimmy presented Laura with a rose, guaranteeing her the next single date, before Osher announced a Rose Ceremony, where we said goodbye to Sierah.

The next day, Laura was excited for her pasta-making date with Jimmy. And while Jimmy enjoyed hanging out with Laura, he wondered if they were more than friends. As she leant in for a smooch, Jimmy pulled back.  

A new day saw five of the ladies surprised by their Mums, for a speed date with Jimmy. After the other women had jeopardised her relationship with Jimmy, Holly was glad her mum was able to defend her honour. Following an emotional goodbye, Jimmy took Tahnee’s Mum’s advice and invited her for extended time.

Later, Jimmy invited Jay over to the Bach pad for a game of tennis. Since their last chat, Jimmy had heard from his family that, according to Steph, Jay doesn’t want to have kids. Clearly surprised by the rumour, Jay reassured Jimmy that it was completely untrue.

At the cocktail party, Jay was on a mission to find out who spread the rumour to Jimmy’s family. Finally, Steph admitted to hearing the rumour, but then falsely exclaimed it wasn’t her who had told the family.

Mid rose ceremony Bek asked to speak to Jimmy. Realising their connection wasn’t as strong as the connections of others, and not wanting to waste either of their time, Bek thought it best to leave now rather than go through the remainder of the rose ceremony. Jimmy appreciated her honesty and wished her farewell.


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