A Rebecchi Farewell on Neighbours

A Rebecchi Farewell on Neighbours

Tonight’s the night as one of our favourite Neighbours families says goodbye. But will they be the only farewell?

We are, of course, saying farewell to Shane (Nicholas Coghlan) and Dipi (Sharon Johal) Rebecchi, who are heading off to Sydney for a fresh start closer to their youngest children Jay (Dhruv Malge) and Kirsha (Vani Dhir). But there’s also a big question mark over Yashvi’s (Olivia Junkeer) plans in the wake of Ned (Ben Hall) discovering that she’s been considering a transfer to Sydney to work alongside her aunt Mishti (Scarlet Vas). A move that probably wouldn’t include him.

Will Yashvi be packing her bags to head off with her parents?

As Shane and Dipi prepare to bid Erinsborough farewell, friends and family gather for an emotional goodbye. Although there are tears, everyone is proud of them for sticking together and overcoming their most challenging year yet. As the couple hit the road, they are excited for their new adventure together in Sydney and a fresh start with most of the family.

It’s a heartfelt farewell for two characters who’ve spent almost four years on Ramsay Street. And while it’s sad to see Nicholas and Sharon leave our screens, the continued Rebecchi connection means there are plenty of opportunities for returns in the future.

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