A Place To Call Home Renewed for Season 2

A Place To Call Home Renewed for Season 2

Ahead of it’s finale next week A Place to Call Home has been renewed for a second season.

The show set in 1950’s Australia and starring Marta Dusseldorp has done well for Seven on Sunday nights.

Also in good news Creator Bevan Lee told The Australian he has mapped out three seasons for the show, set in the 1950s.

“Season one sees the characters running from their secrets, season two has them facing those secrets and three is about them living with those secrets,” he says.

“There are comparisons there with Australia during that period, running from the winds of change and then facing up to them. I can clearly see where the show is going. Sometimes writers don’t know what the show will be after the first series, they get out of the gate and then struggle to know what they are after. But I have a clear view for those first three series.”

Pre-production has already begun, with shooting to begin later this year

















































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