A Place to Call Home November 29

A Place to Call Home November 29

A Place to Call Home comes to a close this weekend after a spectacular season. If you haven’t seen the season on  Foxtel please read at your own risk as spoilers follow for episodes 1-9 .

Fans were left ecstatic with the news that the popular Australian drama would get a third season on Foxtel last year. Now, that season has almost concluded, with one episode to go.

This season has seen our characters face a number of complications, in particular, George (Brett Climo)  stepped into the political arena, which resulted in a marriage of convenience to Regina. (Jenni Baird).

Sarah ( Marta Dusseldorp) has had to deal with a surprise pregnancy to George, which she tried to abort, all the while dealing with her husband’s illness and later, his unfortunate death. James (David Berry) has been trying to ignore his sexuality and focus on his wife Oliva, (Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood while Oliva has tried to keep her baby’s paternity a secret from those she holds dear. She finally gave in to temptation and cheated on James this season with Ellis, (Rick Donald) who was an artist

While a lot has taken place this year it was nice to see Elizabeth (Noni Hazlehurst get a love interest in Douglas Goddard  (Robert Coleby) and Anna  (Abby Earl) follow her dreams to be a writer. Carolyn’s (Sarah Wiseman   journey took a dark turn this season when she was assaulted at the hands of her boss Sir Richard Bennett. (Mark Lee)

With all that having been jam packed into this season, fans may be wondering what’s in store for the season finale. While I would love to divulge some of the plot details, that would ruin the experience for you. I can say, however, that I was satisfied with this season and the finale, and am very intrigued for season four.

A Place to Call Home season 3 Finale airs 8:30 pm Sunday on Soho