A New Power Alliance Is Forged On Survivor.

Last night, new alliances were formed, crucial secrets were revealed on Survivor

Having just voted out the game’s most dangerous and strategic player, A.K., Asaga returned to camp all smiles. Tara was wearing the biggest smile of them all, extremely relieved that the master manipulator had been finally sent packing.

The move to send A.K. home left former Samatau tribesman Peter on the outer at Asaga, with no alliances or power. However, Sarah saw Peter as an opportunity to build her game and decided to reach out to him.

Over at Samatau, Ziggy was still on top of the world holding her Super Idol. A spur of the moment decision during a swim with Locky and Henry saw the Olympian reveal her secret, as they talked about a three-strong alliance to take them to the end.

Henry and Locky were now wary of the athlete’s power and realised that a final three with Ziggy would be a dangerous move for them both, so they made the decision to instead invite Anneliese into their alliance.

Distrustful of Henry, Anneliese decided to test him, asking about a rumour that he gave Jericho an idol clue. Henry was quick to deny it, but then later sought Anneliese out and confessed. Henry’s  honesty convinced Anneliese that she could work with him and she revealed she had an immunity idol of her own. To seal their new alliance, the two revealed their idols to Locky.


Only two days into her stay with Samatau, Michelle realised she was on the bottom and needed to work hard to stop her new tribe from sending her home.  Deciding that Ben was the only other person the tribe would consider voting out, Michelle sought information from the youngest tribesman that she could use as ammunition against him.  Unaware of Michelle’s game plan, Ben revealed to Michelle that he was gunning for Locky. Michelle was thrilled to receive this vital information, confident it could put her back in the game.

At the immunity challenge, Jonathan revealed that both tribes had to hold a five kilogram sandbag over their heads. The tribe that dropped their sand bag first would go to Tribal Council.

Just minutes into the challenge, Locky realised that his big, muscly arms were actually a hindrance.  When Michelle and Jarrad dropped out early, the rest of the tribe were left holding the extra weight. As hard as Locky, Henry and Ziggy tried, the weight was too much and they lost, giving Asaga the win. Back at Samatau, a nervous Michelle was desperate to hang onto her Survivor dream and targeted  Ben. With the gift of the gab on her side, she worked hard to turn everyone against him.


At Tribal Council, Michelle fought for her life, revealing to the tribe the information Ben confided to her. Ben was backed into a corner by a determined Michelle, who convinced her new tribe that Ben could not be trusted. With five votes for Ben and just three to Michelle, Ben became the 11th person voted out of Survivor