A Neighbours Favourite Returns (Spoiler Warning)

A Neighbours Favourite Returns (Spoiler Warning)

A much publicised Neighbours return finally goes to air this week and I was left questioning why he  needed to return at all.

The return of Mark Brennan has polarised the Neighbours fandom  since the  return was announced late last year but the question about how and why he returns, for an extended guest stint, was one  fans wanted to know.

Given Mark is Kate’s apparent true love I was surprised to learn that that had no factor in his return storyline – at least not initially. Mark’s first appearance on screen is as a passer-by when Mason goes looking for help after an abseiling accident leaves one teen fighting for their life.  When Kate goes to the hospital to give her support will old feelings be reignited and how will Kate react?

Neighbours airs 6:30 weeknights on Eleven


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