A marathon night of dancing

A marathon night of dancing

It was a spectacular night on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars as our celebrities battled it out on the dancefloor to secure a place in the Grand Finale. 

Last night, Tom Williams, Kyly Clarke, Lincoln Lewis, Matty J and Bec Hewitt recreated a dance from previous seasons, had a marathon moment, a dance-off and faced a double elimination.  

Lincoln Lewis’ dancing is peaking just at the right time. He impressed the judges with his “fun, fast and furious” jive, taking home a grand total of 36 for the opening performance. 

After bowing out of her original season in 2014 due to injury, Kyly Clarke was back with a steamy contemporary dance to Read All About It. Showcasing one of the most elegant, passionate and emotional dances of the evening, Kyly collected three perfect scores and an eight.  

Tom Williams performed his infamous cha cha from 15 years ago securing a total score of 28.  While we didn’t see Tom take his shirt off this time, judge Todd McKenney praised his performance to Leave Your Hat On as a real “crowd pleaser”.

Stepping into Chris Hemsworth’s shoes for the night, Matty J’s highly energetic rumba nabbed an impressive 31. 

Our top scorer for the night was Bec Hewitt, with a total score of 39 for her cha cha. Judge Helen Richey praised the choreography and declared that she “loved every minute” of the performance. 

In a world-first, our couples took to the floor for a marathon dance that tested their endurance and technique to secure an extra 10 bonus points from the judges. There was no rest for our celebrities, as they danced their hearts out. Bec Hewitt grabbed the top score, placing her at the top of the leaderboard. 

Sadly Matty J and Tom Williams found themselves exiting the dancefloor, while Bec Hewitt, Kyly Clarke and Lincoln Lewis headed to the Grand Finale. 

The final scores tonight were: 

Bec Hewitt and Craig Monley – 39 

Kyly Clarke and Gustavo Viglio – 38 

Lincoln Lewis and Lily Cornish – 36 

Matty J and Ruby Gherbaz – 31

Tom Williams and Alex Vladimirov – 28