A Love Letter For Locky Causes Chaos

A Love Letter For Locky Causes Chaos

Tonight The Bachelor was involved in a group date that provided more drama than the intruder did.

After crashing last week’s group date dressed as a bride, newcomer Kaitlyn was invited to join Locky on a special one-on-one date. Aside from their mutual physical attraction, the pair bonded over their driven personalities.

When Kaitlyn strolled into the cocktail party on Locky’s arm, and with a rose in hand, the girls realised they would have to stop at nothing to get Locky’s attention.

Deciding there was power in numbers, Areeba, Juliette and Kristina approached Locky to have a chat as a group. At the end of their conversation, Juliette slipped Locky a letter she had written for him.

In the note, Juliette passionately penned down what she liked about Locky, and used it as an opportunity to tell him a bit more about herself.

Moved by the letter, Locky pulled her aside to thank her in person and give her a rose.

Two people not so happy about the letter were Areeba and Kristina, who confronted her over the strategic move.

Feeling outraged and betrayed by Juliette’s antics with Locky, an annoyed Areeba stormed out of the cocktail party.

Adding fuel to the fire, Bella took Locky aside for a private chat. Having already secured a rose, some of the other girls thought it was an unfair move. Her risky plan payed off, with Bella receiving encouraging words and a kiss from Locky.

At the rose ceremony, we said goodbye to Marlaina, Georgie and Leilani.