A Long-Time Neighbours Favourite Returns

A Long-Time Neighbours Favourite Returns

Tonight a much-loved Erinsborough icon pops up unexpectedly.

While on holiday with Susan (Jackie Woodburne) in Perth, Karl (Alan Fletcher) finds a dear friend in a bad state. And that dear friend just happens to be Jane Harris (Annie Jones).

After popping in to celebrate the show’s 35th anniversary back in March, fans were over the moon when Jane finally acted on her feelings for Des Clarke (Paul Keane). The pair got hitched as part of the wedding expo in a hopelessly romantic and whirlwind wedding, seemingly getting the endgame that so many fans have been hoping for since the pair went their separate ways in the 1989. But what has happened in the last three and a half months, and is it really still happily ever after?

Unfortunately, Karl quickly finds out that Jane’s whirlwind romance with Des has unravelled since they married, causing the breakdown that Karl finds her in. With a familiar face back in her life, just what does Jane ask of Karl?

Having been revealed as permanently returning to the neighbourhood, this episode kicks off a whole new arc for our favourite superbrain, and I personally can’t wait to see Jane’s unfold. Annie Jones is an absolute delight to watch, and fans are sure to love seeing her back onscreen and back in Erinsborough soon enough.


Neighbours airs 6:30pm weeknights on 10Peach.