A Leap Of Faith Leaves All Teams Racing Towards The Finish Line.

A Leap Of Faith Leaves All Teams Racing Towards The Finish Line.

What did the penultimate leg of the race have in store?

Heading to Sydney for the penultimate leg of the Race, The Super Sikhs had a home ground advantage, arriving at the first challenge behind The Cowboys. 

Making 24 pies seemed easy for the teams, but they had to be perfect. The Cowboys technique of slow is smooth and smooth is fast, worked in their favour as they left the challenge in first place. 

Arriving at another eating challenge, The Cowboys were faced with a game of roulette containing a Vietnamese delicacy of 21 and 28-day-old eggs. It was a case of mind over matter and the boys were out of there in record time.

In second place, The Gold Coast Girls struggled with the eggs. The Super Sikhs arrived and downed their eggs in the blink of an eye, leaving Ashleigh and Amanda struggling and in last place once again.

Teams then headed to a Buddhist temple for the Detour, choosing between Fan or Find. Find seemed the easiest, with all teams jumping on the option to find the correct gold box in a room filled with row and rows of them. 

Finding the needle in a haystack once again, The Cowboys nailed it first and headed off to compose a rap with Indigenous rapper Majeda. 

Rhyming about their time on the Race, The Cowboys again were in the lead and onto the Road Block, and headed to a Marvel-inspired challenge to jump through a wall of fire. 

Standing on top of a 10-metre scaffold in front of a line of fire, Brendan’s adrenaline kicked in and he made the jump, launching The Cowboys onto the final Race leg to meet Beau at the Pit Stop in first place. 

Waiting for the same train, the footrace was on between The Super Sikhs and

The Gold Coast Girls. Making it to the Detour one step ahead of Ashleigh and Amanda, Jaskirat and Anurag nailed their jump and headed off to find Beau to arrive in second place.

Landing on the mat last, Ashleigh and Amanda were told it was a non-elimination leg and they lived to race in the finale.