A Hot New Bombshell Has Entered The Real Love Boat

A Hot New Bombshell Has Entered The Real Love Boat

Twelve hopeful singles woke up on the voyage of a lifetime.

The couples enjoyed a pool party aboard the ship, spending one-on-one time with each other before being greeted by Cruise Director Hannah Ferrier and Head Of Entertainment Daniel Doody.

The Cupids dropped a shock twist in the group, by introducing a new passenger on the search for love, Chelsea. After chatting with the crowd, she admitted Dalton would be her top pick based on first impression.

Chelsea spent the day getting to know the different personalities on The Real Love Boat. But things got a little awkward by the pool when speaking to coupled-up Dalton and Moana, after Chelsea’s claim earlier on.

Everyone headed back to their cabins, where the girls were invited to their first Captain’s Table, following the Cupids debriefing on the events to-date with Captain Paolo. It was revealed that the Cupids will be deciding what couples will have the chance to go on destination dates and receive an upgraded suite. There were big reactions at the table, as the girls proceeded to fight for their chance to go on a special outing with their guy of choice. Drama had definitely joined the chat, with Moana going to bed early. Meanwhile, the guys in question were having a boys’ night in the Love Lounge.

The girls then met with the guys and Host Darren McMullen, where the lucky couples were announced. Sally and Jay, Katie and Chris, and Chelsea and Dalton were chosen for hot dates on land, and Naomi and Daniel received an upgraded suite on board together.


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