A Family Feud Showdown

n tonight’s episode The Bachelor Australia, we met Tiffany, the third wheel intruder (relax you guys, Tiffany is the name of Jimmy’s motorcycle), plus a family dinner led to tears and tantrums.

With the rumble of Jimmy’s newly finished motorbike Tiffany, Jimmy arrived to announce that his sister Tahnee and cousin Lisa would be spending the day with the ladies. Meanwhile, Jimmy invited Lily on the back of his bike for Tiffany’s maiden voyage, plus a surf lesson. Not only did Lily catch a wave, she also caught plenty of kisses and a rose.

Back at the mansion, the girls had the opportunity to write questions in a box to be read out at dinner in front of Tahnee and Lisa.

When the question was posed, “Do we think some of the Bach girls act differently in front of Jimmy?”, egged on by Steph, Tatum said Holly was different behind closed doors and pushed to be centre of attention when Jimmy was around. Holly tried to defend herself before Steph chimed in accusing her of contradicting her behaviour at the previous Cocktail Party, causing Holly to walk off in tears.

When Jimmy arrived for his debrief, his family agreed that Brooke and Jay were clear frontrunners, while Steph may not be as she seems and has checked out. Holly was a roller coaster of thoughts – at first a frontrunner, but now they were not so sure after the comments about Holly being dismissive.

At the Cocktail Party Jimmy asked to speak to Holly who admitted that with her dry sense of humour, maybe she can come across as standoffish and that is something she will work on.

Later, Tatum pulled Jimmy aside and explained that she had been in the mansion long enough to know the feelings weren’t there and that she would like to go home. Jimmy was blindsided but appreciated Tatum’s honesty. At the Rose Ceremony, we said good bye to Stevie.


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