A Current Affair September 19

A Current Affair September 19

Tonight A Current Affair has an exclusive no one should miss.

Wayne Greenhalgh, the victim of the Minto terror attack, will talk one-on-one with Tracy Grimshaw in A Current Affair exclusive this Monday at 7.00pm on Channel Nine.

Greenhalgh was set upon and repeatedly stabbed in the abdomen, chest and neck while out walking his dog last Saturday afternoon.

The frenzied attack, which was caught on camera, shocked the nation.

Now the grandad they call “The Tank” will open up to the nation about the moment he stared death in the face and survived to tell the tale.

In this incredible interview, Tracy Grimshaw will visit the Greenhalgh house in the south-western suburbs of Sydney which became a war zone last weekend.

Plus, you’ll see Wayne Greenhalgh’s emotional reunion with the heroic neighbour who came to his rescue, armed with a fence paling.

Don’t miss this very special edition of A Current Affair. at 7 PM on Nine 


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