A Current Afair March 27

Tonight A Current Affair has a very special episode.

In a moving episode of A Current Affair tonight the families of those who were killed and injured in the Bourke Street tragedy in Melbourne will open up about the devastating impact it has had on their lives.

On January 20, a car ploughed through pedestrians in the centre of Melbourne’s CBD, leaving six people dead and more than 30 in hospital. Some of them remain seriously injured.

Martin King, one of Australia’s most experienced broadcasters, will present an unmissable episode of A Current Affair, in which those affected speak about how their lives were changed forever.

Parents and loved ones will share their heartache with the nation, bravely recounting the aftermath of the events that turned their lives upside down.

But amid all the mayhem, there were also miracles.

Don’t miss this very special episode of A Current Affair 7pm Tonight on Nine