A Country Rose Disaster Leads To Desperation.

A Country Rose Disaster Leads To Desperation.

Hearts fluttered and kisses were stolen on tonight’s The Bachelorette Australia. as frontrunner Harry’s country rose connection didn’t resonate with Elly.

In the first double date of the season, Elly and Becky took their country rosebearing beaus Harry and Shannon on a chopper ride to the country to test their basic farm skills.

After a hard day of whip cracking and cow herding, it was time to hit the hay and settle in for some romantic one-on-one time.

Sparks flew between Becky and Shannon, with Shannon revealing his true intentions and outlined his five-year plan which saw a family in his future. Realising their connection was the real deal, Becky rewarded Shannon’s honesty with a rose and a kiss.

In front of a fire of their own, Harry wasted no time in telling Elly he was a proud dad to son Xavier. Loving his passion about his family, Elly soon realised there was a 10-year age gap between them, leading her to question if their timelines would ever meet up. Vowing she wouldn’t close herself off to Harry, Elly decided it wasn’t the right time to hand him a rose, leaving the bachelor questioning their connection.

The following day saw 11 of the gentlemen invited along to the infamous group date photoshoot. Styling up for a magazine, they were all keen to get up close with the Bachelorettes in true-blue Aussie style.

Pete scored the one-on-one shoot with Becky and the chemistry between the pair was electric. Watching on, the other bachelors felt they were interrupting some alone time and excused themselves, leaving Pete to plant a big kiss on his leading lady in private.

Hitting the beach, Elly was stung by jellyfish Joe and Jake, only to be rescued by James the lifesaver, leaving Adam a beachgoer on the sidelines. Or so we thought. Releasing his ‘secret weapon’, Adam literally let his hair down, making both Elly and the other bachelors swoon.

For her one-on-one shoot, Elly the gold miner waited for her co-worker  Frazer to help find her some nuggets. All oiled-up with a side of TNT to make  things really explosive, Frazer and Elly’s chemistry heated up the set. With old flame Joe looking on, the scene was enough to make him realise what he needed to fight for.

At the cocktail party, it was every man for himself to make a final, lasting impression ahead of the rose ceremony. With whispers circling the mansion over Joe and Elly’s past, the other bachelors were sure there was more to their story than meets the eye.

With Elly seemingly avoiding him after their double date, Harry enlisted in the help of Becky to see if she could put a good word in on his behalf. Adamant it was now up to Harry to talk to Elly and discuss his concerns, he entered the ceremony ready to say goodbye.

Receiving the last rose, a relieved Harry couldn’t wipe the smile off his face, leaving Jake to say his goodbyes.