A cocktail party turns into a war of words

A cocktail party turns into a war of words

In tonight’s episode of The Bachelor Australia, the rain was the calm before the Cocktail Party storm, when a case of she said, she said erupted. 

For the single date, Jimmy took Holly stand-up paddle boarding with his adorable dog, Billie. Holly and Jimmy continued their date back at the Bach Pad which resulted in lots more smooching and rose-giving.

The group date saw eight ladies participate in The Bachelor Love Challenge. Correctly answering compatibility and logic questions that match Jimmy’s answers, would help lead the ladies to the centre of the maze in the shortest time. Drenched by rain, Brooke reached the centre first and claimed her prize in the shape of a Bachelor.

At the Cocktail Party, Holly, safe with her rose, assured the ladies she would not seek out Jimmy to give the others a chance. However, Jimmy had other plans, taking her away for another chat.

Watching this, Steph assumed that Holly had gone back on her word and proceeded to call her a See You Next Tuesday in front of Brooke.

Emotions were heightened when Brooke told Holly the word, Steph had used to describe her. As the rest of the ladies joined the conversation, Holly decided to address it, only for Steph to outright deny it.

At a loss with how to move forward, Holly chose to remove herself from the situation, while Steph continued to claim her innocence despite Brooke reiterating that Steph definitely said she wanted to see Holly next Tuesday. Steph said she would love to hear the playback since she is wearing a mic… cue the playback!


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