A Case Of Identity Steft With Steph Tisdell comes to 10

It would be downright un-Australian to let NAIDOC week pass by without having a giggle from our First Nations finest and funniest performer.

This is Steph Tisdell’s debut stand-up solo show and the production that not only scored her a nomination for the Best Newcomer during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival but The Weekly Award for Best Emerging Talent at Adelaide Fringe.

Delving into issues of identity, what National Sorry Day really means from an Aboriginal perspective and discussing the merits of white guilt versus overt racism, Steph’s mental health struggles culminate in a hilarious journey, ultimately leading somewhere inspirational.

You’ll laugh, learn, and then question whether it’s ok to laugh.

Steph Tisdell: Identity Steft. Monday, 5 July At 9.40pm.
Only On 10 And 10 Play On Demand.