A-Bec-nophobia: An Influencer’s Irrational Fear Of Deep Fried Spiders.

A-Bec-nophobia: An Influencer’s Irrational Fear Of Deep Fried Spiders.

The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition continued in Angkor Wat, Cambodia where six remaining teams got a disgusting (seriously, how are we allowed to do this to them?) taste for Cambodian life that saw sisters Bec Judd and Kate Twigley call time on their Race. This was the seventh leg of the race, but it was eight legs that ruined it all.

A spiritual journey led the teams into one of the largest religious structures in the world to search for enlightenment with a real-life Monk. Teams had to bring an offering to a monk that they could only see from the highest point of the site.

Race besties Darren and Tristan and Bec and Kate have formed somewhat of an alliance. In a move that would make former racer King George proud, the alliance chose to give Emma and Hayley a bum steer by telling them to go the wrong way. But karma was on their side when Emma and Hayley managed to overtake Bec and Kate while enroute to the next challenge.

Next up, some teams’ fighting spirit were tested while learning some local martial arts, while others had to build a traditional spirit house.

Remember the bull’s penis eating challenge? Well, that was child’s play compared to what the teams endured next. This was the moment that every celebrity questioned why they decided to go on the Race.

Teams had to channel their inner MasterChef, needing to cook a meal before consuming said meal. On the menu today, three deep fried tarantulas plus four bowls of assorted bugs and grubs. Hayley cried her way through her leggy meal and Angie gagged with every chomp. Meanwhile, Tristan just wolfed it down like it was nobody’s business.

When Bec and Kate spotted the tarantulas, it was all over. Bec Judd suffers from arachnophobia, and despite Kate being the one to do the eating, she couldn’t bear to be in the same vicinity as the spiders, so they decided to take the time penalty which resulted in a 60 minute time penalty upon reaching the Pit Stop.

Darren and Tristan were first to reach the Pit Stop but sadly, thanks to their time penalty, Bec and Kate were officially last to check in.


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