7TWO’S New Comedy Line Up on Monday nights.

7TWO’S New Comedy Line Up on Monday nights.

7 Two will tray a little comedy on Monday nights after the Tennis.

The new series Vicious stars Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi as  aging partners Freddie and Stuart, two men who have lived together  for nearly 50 years. Freddie was a budding actor and Stuart worked in a bar when they first met, but their careers are pretty much over and their lives now consist of entertaining their frequent guests, making sure that their aged dog Balthazar is still breathing, and hurling caustic insults at each other.

The series consists of  7 episodes and aired in The UK in 2013 and has already secured a second season.

9:10 PM Monday January 27 on 7 7TWO.

A new season of Ciitizen Khan will follow at 10 PM. The show screened it’s first season on Seven last year to very modest ratings.

Mr. Khan’s day off from being a ‘busy’ community leader is interrupted when Alia fails her exams, prompting Mrs. Khan to lay down the law. Meanwhile Shazia has invited Debbie, her best friend and boss, round for dinner with the intention of asking her to be chief bridesmaid at her wedding. But she hasn’t counted on her Dad inadvertently inviting an extra guest.

10 PM Monday January 27 on 7 7TWO.




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