7 News releases Pendulum podcast

7 News releases Pendulum podcast

From the creators of one of Australia’s most talked about podcasts, The Lady Vanishes7NEWS has released its second true crime investigation Pendulum.

Pendulum is a Seven Studios production delving into the mysterious death of Margaret Kirstenfeldt four decades ago.

Margaret was a vibrant young woman with plenty of friends. She was a daughter, sister, wife and a mum to two small children. On the evening of February 10 1978, the body of the 21-year-old was found by a teenage motorcyclist on a neighbour’s lawn in the tiny Queensland town of Sarina. Her throat had been slashed, she was stabbed, there were signs of sexual interference and her dress was bunched around her hips.

It’s now been 41 years since Margaret’s death and the circumstances remain a mystery. Expert opinions have swung wildly and now the pendulum is swinging again – from murder to suicide and back again. This true crime cold case has baffled those closest to her. Could a killer still be on the run?

Margaret’s brutal death is the focus of a 20-month investigation by Seven’s multi-award winning Brisbane news team – 7NEWS crime editor Paula Doneman, producer and writer Sally Eeles and audio producer Marc Wright to help Margaret’s mother and siblings search for answers.

7NEWS crime editor, Paula Doneman, said: “Margaret’s family have relived a devastating chapter in their lives in the hope that the truth that has eluded them for 41 years, will finally be within their reach.”


Pendulum is available through ACAST or your preferred podcast platform.


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