60 Minutes October 20

60 Minutes October 20

60 minutes has the last ever interview of Chooper Reid and Dolly Parton also opens up about her life.


This past week, there have been many send offs for Mark ‘Chopper’ Read. Through his stage shows, his books and a very successful feature film, he became Australia’s favourite crook. But for all the mythology around Chopper, the truth about what he did is monstrous. Just 16 days before he died, Tara Brown sat down with Mark Brandon Read for his last ever interview. It quickly became a confessional – in which he admitted in graphic detail to murdering 4 men. Beyond the brutal killings, what made his admissions so chilling was his flippancy and utter lack of remorse. The language is coarse, the subject matter confronting – just like the man himself.

Reporter: Tara Brown

Producer: Nick Greenaway


Dolly Parton is a show business superstar. She’s sold more than 100 million records, and won eight Grammys. She’s starred in box office hits – winning Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy nominations. So much about Dolly Parton is unreal, the cosmetic surgery, the wigs, the false eyelashes and fingernails. But, when Ray Martin met her in Nashville Tennessee, he found her to be real, honest, straight talkin’, and to coin a phrase – upfront.

Reporter: Ray Martin

Producr: Jo Townsend

Sunday 8:10 PM on NINE